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  • Looking for better insurance?

    Did you know that being a YTA member can help you save money on your Auto and Home Insurance? Call California Casualty today for a free quote 
    Posted Mar 17, 2014, 3:34 PM by Arlinda Valencia
  • Read Across America

    Posted Feb 27, 2014, 6:02 PM by Arlinda Valencia
  • YTA Delivers a Five-Punch Combination!

    YTA Delivers a Five-Punch Combination to Win Fight and get $1 million more for All YISD Employees!!


    #1. On September 11, 2013 the YISD Board of Trustees were about to vote onThumbs up
    the highest healthcare package increase for all YISD employees.
    During citizens input, several YTA members and activist went before the board and shared their stories. 

     The Special Session was set for Wednesday, September 25, 2013. With less than two weeks to plan YTA leadership did not waste anytime.
    top secret plan
    YTA leaders began to implement their  organizing plan and kick-started a telephone and email writing campaign to bombard all YISD Board of Trustees.

    The message to YISD Trustees was simple, keep healthcare affordable for ALL employees.

    It worked, and through a reliable source, it was stated that several board members were furious about all the calls and emails they were receiving. Many of them avoided going to their schools and avoided answering their phones because                                                          they were sick of hearing from the teachers.

    #3. During the media campaign, YTA's Planfriendly Trustee,  Shane Haggerty, began working on an alternative proposal to help employees stay on plan "A" without having to give up an arm and a leg. After a week, he and an anonymous person completed the plan. Haggerty's plan was a much better plan than all the other district plans. He then presented it to district officials and convinced them to offer it as the 4th plan. 
    #4. In the meantime, YTA organized a poster making party the day before the meeting and sent out a press release notifying them of what was to come. Over 300 YTA members where now ready to move into position for a fight of unity to make the board listen totheir concerns

    Every news media outlet was present at the meeting. YTA members were picketing with signs in front of Central Office while the meeting inside was getting heated with angry employees. Trustee, Marty Reyes, (Ysleta area) tried to take the employees on and was shut down immediately.  Her disrespectful statement, "This is the board of trustees meeting! Not an employee meeting! You are a guest here!" was met with a loud resounding backlash  of negative remarks which included "Then you need to be fired!" from the audience.


    Throughout the meeting, board members Shane Haggerty (Parkland Area), Ana Dueñez (Riverside Area), and Connie Woodruff (Bel Air Area), fought to make sense of the funding.  At one point, the Chief Financial Officer, Roland Kafka and Trustee, Shane Haggerty had a deep discussion about 4+1=5 and 3+3=6 with Kafka finally stating that he didn't understand the math. The employees could not hold back the laughter. Some signs were immediately turned over and the actual math problems were written on them to show that indeed 4+1=5 and 3+3=6. 


    Trustee Reyes continued to argue with the employees.  Reyes informed them that "if the district wanted to they could just not offer any insurance at all and basically leave them high and dry." Trustee, Ana Dueñez became angry at that response and responded to her by telling her "Please speak for yourself! You don't speak for me and the other board members! You need to respect these employees! You need to quit embarrassing the entire board!" The employees went crazy with joy that

    Trustee Dueñez was picking up the shield for the employees. Marty Reyes immediately started yelling back "Quit your political grandstanding!" over and over again.    


     In the end, after 3 hours of heated discussion the board voted 4-3 to raise the  insurance premiums for all employees. Even though Trustee Haggerty masterfully developed an alternative plan that beat all of the district plans, he himself voted no. Why? The YISD Board President Patricia McLean (Del Valle Area), requested the board attorney not to be present. Mr. Haggerty felt it unfair that she made that decision for the entire board. He felt the district attorney should have been present to answer any questions on a decision that was going to impact every employee in the district.     


    YTA is proud of the efforts of our YTA Leadership Team, ALL YTA members, and our YISD friendly school board members, whom together through our collective Action, we were able to put pressure on the district to add $1 million more and accept Mr. Haggerty's 4th alternative plan that will offer all employees a more affordable health plan for themselves and their families. 


    Arlinda Valencia

    YTA President


    Please Call or Email the School Board members below and say THANK YOU for 

    fighting in the best interest of all the YISD Employees.


    School Board Member
    Riverside Area
    Ana M. Dueñez
    Ph: (915) 407-2471
    School Board Member
    Parkland Area
    Shane Haggerty
    Ph: (915) 850-3456
      School Board Member
    Bel Air Area
    Connie Woodruff
    (915) 588-1227


    YTA and OUR collective voice as members made the difference. 
    Our UNIFIED VOICE and COLLECTIVE ACTION won this battle for the employees of Ysleta ISD.   

    Please take this opportunity to share this with all the employees on your campus, and encourage them to join YTA to strengthen our collective voice as employees of YISD. 

    Click to enlarge:

    Posted Sep 30, 2013, 1:49 AM by Arlinda Valencia
  • Marty Reyes says "Take it or Leave it!"
    Monday night, Sept 9th, the YISD Board of Trustees workshop turned into a nightmare. Instead of making things better they decided to bully their employees to go from Plan A to Plan B or  C.  Marty Reyes stated "We are giving our employees a choice.  They can either take or leave it!"  She set the tone for the rest of the meeting.  Below are the new changes. If you can't afford these prices then make you voices heard.  Call all the school board members! Make them listen to you whether they want to or not. They have an obligation to hear your concerns. Show up on Wednesday night to show that everyone is united against this insurance hike.   

    You will also have an opportunity to tell them in person during "citizen input" at the beginning of the meeting. If you are interested, please be there by 5:45 to sign up. You will have 3 minutes to personally address the board.   

    Click to enlarge: 

    Posted Sep 10, 2013, 9:58 AM by Arlinda Valencia
  • YISD to Increase Health Plan Deductibles
    Last Tuesday night, Sept 3, 2013,  the YISD Human Resource Department presented their Self-Funded Medical Plan proposed changes to the YISD Board of Trustees.  The district's plan has three plans which are called simply, Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C.  With very little explanation as to why, the district stated that out of the three plans, Plan A is the most costly.  The district's contribution is $370.00 per employee.  Instead of putting more money into the plan the district is passing the cost to employees.  Socorro ISD in comparison contributes $550.00 per employee and their plan is the best in the El Paso Area. Ysleta was once the best in the area but now seems to have fallen far behind many of our neighbors. The following graphs are to inform employees as to what is in store for the coming year.  If you can't afford these new deductibles please call your YISD Board of Trustees and ask them to please find the money to contribute more to the employee's portion. YTA was the only association present at the YISD board meeting and is the only association to bring you the information below.

    Click to enlarge.

    Posted Sep 5, 2013, 9:02 PM by Arlinda Valencia
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